Frank Meadows Interview

​FLON: Let’s talk first about Currence, an album with an accompanying book. What led you to this concept, and how do the two mediums inform eachother?  Frank: That release was one of a string of book-digital download releases coordinated by my partners and close pals at Cairn Desk. Most of my life as a music consumer I’ve […]

Spookstina interview 

FLON: So let’s let folks who haven’t seen you live get a sense of what you do. Can you describe your set-up, instrumentation and performance Spookstina: My performance centralizes around creating and decaying sounds and textures. It’s an improvised performance, and with the exception of a cassette tape here and there (generally of nature sounds […]


I’m starting this blog to celebrate and document noisy music in all it’s forms. Electronic, electroacoustic, avant garde, improvised, composed, found– however it happens. I’ll concentrate a lot on live performances and diy recordings. I hope to publish interviews with some of the awesome noise artists I’ve met over the years. If there’s a project […]