Aurick Leere Interview 2: The End

FLON: Hey glad to talk to you again. Can you recap a little about your project Aurick Leere, and talk about this new album?

AL: The pleasure is all mine. Aurick Leere is a project I started as a solo offshoot during a hiatus from Fathom The Void in 2018. The goal of the project was to convey autobiographical events via sound.

Eskalith Soliloquy is an album that came about when I decided to get off of Lithium, a medication I had been on for 6 years. The medication started turning on me and my body and so I had to get off of it. The album chronicles the titration and detox process. It features fellow local artist SNOWDN on the interlude track. It also has an introduction to Lethe, my next solo project, as the last track. I realized leading up to this that it was time to retire Aurick Leere as a studio project. It will still be used live as the style is just too much fun to play.

FLON: Is Lethe going to be a narrative-backed project also, or are you freeing yourself from those confines? How is it going to be different?

AL: I’m not quite sure yet to be honest. I think the thematic aspect of it isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been working on a release based off the equinoxes and solstices that started on the winter solstice in 2020 and will be released on the winter solstice of 2021. Id like to leave the narratives behind but you never really know. I want Lethe to be whatever comes up in the moment as opposed to a story with a beginning, middle and end.

My goal with Lethe is to take everything I have learned and the sound palette I have gained in my time so far and flip them on their head and explore a lot more sonic possibilities, go in more directions and keep most of the same gear. Trade in the harsh noise and get slower and more cerebral.

photo by Kevin Hawley

I wanted Eskalith to be a statement on my work In harsh noise. Take it the furthest and to the deepest parts I could. With the final track being the introduction to Lethe. I wanted it to be a fitting end to the album and the opened door to where I’m going. My aim is to explore the area I set to the furthest reaches. Between that track and the ones for the release at the end of the year, all I can say is that it’s going to be a lot more experimental and a lot more surreal and odd. I don’t really have a plan for it beyond that.

Moving forward, I am also starting to implement sampling, in DAW composing and VST work into my music. Everything until this point has been recorded all from the gear we own with all DAW work consisting of only mixing and mastering with stock Logic X plug-ins.

FLON: Is this going to be a solo thing?

AL: Yes. This will be the main vehicle for my solo expression. I had a great time and great luck asking SNOWDN to collaborate on interlude with me. I can see featured artists being in more abundance with Lethe.

FLON: Will Fathom The Void continue?

AL: Absolutely. FTV’s next effort, Memory Lane is going to be released on July 5th through Rum Fixion Records by, an independent label out of Australia. We have also laid out the next album and Adam will be guesting on at least 1 track on the Lethe solstice/equinox album.

Memory Lane is a new approach to what we have been doing. The Aurick Leere project ending is very closely tied in with the evolution of FTV and the direction we have explored in Memory Lane.

photo by Kevin Hawley

Adam and I are also busy forming and building Retroject Arts. When I released everything everywhere, Distrokid has you put a label name or just throw a word in. I had to buy more artist licenses then I had projects so it dawned on me that I accidentally formed a label. After talking with Adam, he wanted to be in on it. We are hoping we can use this as a vehicle to explore more of the visual side of all of this while also making special physical runs of everything we have done. There is also an idea of doing a long form video for Memory Lane.

Also, everything FTV and Aurick Leere is available everywhere to stream or buy. I will say, if readers want to support any of my projects monetarily, go to our respective bandcamps if you are looking for the best quality. Due to file size restrictions and the length of our music, we had to make some quality sacrifices in sending it out into the world on some of the releases.

FLON: Awesome, I look forward to all that, and I hope to see you live again soon.

AL: Be at Gasworks Park on July 24th for MOTS. I’m hoping to do many more things now that we are opening back up. Hopefully find more shows to play. There was some talk from a couple artists pre COVID about me opening for them. I only hope that momentum carried over from a year and a half.

FLON: Yeah I hope so too. Exited about MOTS coming back. Glad thing are moving forward for you. Great talking to you again and thanks for keeping us up to date.

AL: I am excited too. After doing Noise Rodeo last weekend, I realized just how much playing live was missed. That set is on and should be hitting streaming soon. I’m excited for the next chapter of this. It’s always great talking to you as well. Thank you for the support for the past few years. I am extremely grateful.

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