Aurick Leere Interview 2: The End

FLON: Hey glad to talk to you again. Can you recap a little about your project Aurick Leere, and talk about this new album? AL: The pleasure is all mine. Aurick Leere is a project I started as a solo offshoot during a hiatus from Fathom The Void in 2018. The goal of the project […]

Interview with W.T. Nelson

FLON: I guess the place to start is with the re-release of Emperor Of The North recordings on The Daft Alliance. How would you describe this music and the processes you used to make it? WTN: Emperor of the North is one sort of “sound I make”.The work leans on foley harder than other projects […]

Interview with Sarah Bell Reid

FLON: So, I guess I’ll start out with some basics. Which came first, the synthesizer or the trumpet and how did you get into music in the first place? SBR: The trumpet came first for me—long before I got into electronics of any kind. I actually started out playing piano from the age of 4 […]

Interview With Victoria Shen, aka Evicshen

FLON: For readers who haven’t heard your music yet, How would you describe what you do? Where do you sounds come from, and what’s your overarching intention? Is it different for different projects? VS: I primarily use patchable analog synthesizers which I have built myself (I break them from time to time so it’s important […]

Interview with Forrest Friends

FLON: Hi, Forrest Friends! CHAD & GARRISON: Hey, good to be here. we’re just meeting up to mix down some live tracks, etc….you are on the line with both of us here in the FF zone> FLON: So first let me ask, which came first, the costumes or the band name? C&G: well, actually, the […]

Interview with Aurick Leere

FLON: I saw you play a great set at Modular Nights at Substation, and thought I’d ask you for an interview, so here we are. AURICK: Thank you for the opportunity, I’m happy that you were able to catch it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but all the feedback from that […]