Meng Qi Interview

FLON: How long have you been making music and what led you to work with synthesizers?

MENG QI: I’ve been making music for about 17 years, in fact, I stopped in the middle for quite a long time, then started working with synthesizer. The choice of using synthesizers, from the very beginning, was due to the fact that it can be used to accomplish all parts of the music by one person. Later on, I was attracted to the rich possibilities it produces in the interface and tone.

FLON: How would you describe the music you make, and what inspires you to make music?

MENG QI: There are roughly two ways to describe it: One is spontaneous sensations, and the other is experimentation with specific ideas (for example, using specific sound synthesis techniques, interfaces, etc.). I think the inspiration is joy– joy of subjective expression, and joy of becoming knowledgeable about the experimental results.

FLON: Do you enjoy performing live, and how often do you?

MENG QI: I like live performance. There is no relatively fixed schedule currently, however, it is foreseeable that I will become more involved in performing.

FLON: How did you learn to make synthesizers? What was the first synth that you made?

MENG QI: I first tried to make some open-source circuit designs online, then I learned a little bit about analog circuits and Arduino. The first circuit I did was an APC, and I added an FM input myself by reading datasheet, it worked, which encouraged me. At that time, my wife was helping me solder, so it was fun for a whole family. This video from decade ago is this little machine:

Well, we look forward to hearing your upcoming performances and your new devices.

You can learn more about Meng Qi’s synths and music at:


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