ALL DATA LOST: quick Q&A with SPOOKSTINA about Raleigh’s new Experimental and Noise Music fest.

All Data Lost is a new music festival in Raleigh, NC focused on experimental, Avant-garde and Noise Music. SPOOKSTINA, one of the founders describes it thus:

Charles Ovett (Joules, Dallas Thrasher) and I have played many fests together both in and out of NC over the past couple of years, and we wanted to join up to run our own fest. We both believe in fostering the community of noise/experimental artists by offering opportunities for artists of all ages, genders, backgrounds and experience levels chances to share their talents and connect to other like-minded folks. We’re hoping that the first rendition of All Data Lost opens more doors for everyone performing and attending, and that everyone leaves feeling inspired to create new work.

I had a chance to chat with SPOOKSTINA about ADL:

FLON: So, I guess I’ll just start off by asking you to describe the parameters of what one should expect to hear at All Data Lost.

SPOOKSTINA: All Data Lost (ADL) features artists whose work is mainly genreless and on the fringe of conventional music. Included in this year’s lineup are classically trained musicians with an experimental edge, noise artists and performance artists. This year’s lineup features 30 acts from across NC, SC, GA, FL, VA, MA and CO.

FLON: The Wicked Witch is a relatively new venue, and it’s owned by the same folks as Ruby Deluxe, who used to host Experimental Tuesdays. How is the new spot different for this kind of endeavor?

SPOOKSTINA: We’re excited to have the first rendition of ADL at The Wicked Witch mainly because of the venue’s sound system and layout. Ruby Deluxe is great for smaller shows and non-music events, but has some limitations for the complexity of sounds and volume of artists at a fest like ADL. Unlike Ruby, The Wicked Witch has an actual sound board, and two stage areas. In addition to the stages, the bar is in a separate room, and we’ll have a PA set up in that area so that performances can alternate between both rooms inside the venue.

FLON: Awesome! Where can folks find out about the Line-up and tickets and such?

SPOOKSTINA: We’ve been sharing our lineup and artist bios through Facebook ( and Instagram (@alldatalostnc). There’s also a Facebook event page We’ll be releasing the schedule within the next week or two. Tickets will be available at the door day-of for $10 between 2pm – 7pm, and $15 after 7pm.

FLON: Awesome! Wish I could be there, but I’ll see you at Hopscotch.

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