Interview with Madame Chao, et al. of Madame Chao’s Noise Log

FLON: I discovered Madame Chao’s Noise Log by searching for podcasts about Noise Music. I found the way you describe your podcast intriguing. It sounds like you have a meditative or therapeutic intention when you say “An intentionally difficult solution to shut out unwanted interpretations of reality from insisting their existence inside of your skull.” Can you expound on that?

TANG: Hello.

My name is Tang. I have been tasked with serving as proxy for Madame Chao and am authorized to answer on her behalf.

First off, it is most impressive that you were able to find something of relevance by way of searching. Now that things are the way they are and how they are purported to be… you must be very lucky.

You have asked about intentions. As far as intentions go, typically nothing is freely described. To most familiar with this work, the words ‘meditative’ and ‘therapeutic’ are not the first to come to mind. That is for certain.

This is not to say that you are not barking up the right tree, so to speak. It’s just that there is nothing commonly associated with those terms that is of any relevance here. In each of the concepts, maybe, is a tiny nucleus at each core. In the purest sense, just maybe. But the propensity and biological disposition of humans to louse up such concepts is so great, it would be safer to say that the intentional difficulty is purposely not meditative nor therapeutic. Actually caustic and abrasive.

Ultimately, it is unfortunate but there is little evidence to suggest that intentions in the context of communicating to an audience are ever successfully transmitted. This is because for the overwhelmingly large part, there is only the projection of what one wishes to see in the world outside– not the reception of a common objectivity. This concept has been reinforced recently by the discovery of how the brain characterizes its impressions of the outside world in very distinct and intricate tiny fragments. For instance, to the brain reading this sentence it does not have stored chemical and electrical representations of words or even letters. Rather, it would seem that the brain may make a rote symbolization of just the 1st third of the arching line that goes on to form the left most edge of a letter. That is the basic chunk that it defines. Then the next segment is its own thing and so on. Letters and words, then pages and beyond are constructed of many, many, many more tiny fragments that are constantly assembled at a massive pace and scale. The brain does this a lot. So much so that, again as it appears according to recent research, as letters and words are encountered and furthermore, ANTICIPATED, the representation stored in the brain is conjured and recalled in place of receiving stimuli from outside. One would imagine that they are experiencing a purely receptive experience of information originating from an external world but as it turns out that is not necessarily the case. If anything, the intention is to focus on this specific distinction in the nature of perception and most importantly, in particular, how this concept and others like it can be manipulated for the purposes of accumulating hella mad bitcoin.

Thank you for your question.


FLON: Does Madame Chao’s ever perform live, and are visual media included in the live performance?

TANG: Madame Chao has performed quite a bit live in the past. (For example, this is an incomplete history of live performances. ) In almost all cases, visual media was not included in the performance, visual media was the performance. Back then, public demonstrations of the original Chao Rin “Real-Time Live Video™” turntablist style mix technique was a major preoccupation. Some would say the style is terrific. Admittedly, it is kind of different. Because these facts are indisputable, live performances were prioritized to prove just how much more video could be expressively performed. And more importantly, there is a conversation that we contribute to between our past and future selves. This work continues the tradition of the cut up and propels it into the future by adding in conscious manipulation of light approaching critical flicker frequencies – *ahem*. Forgive me, I have said too much already.

We are open to entertain offers and do welcome all invitations. Just be aware that it is our belief that live performance is work. It is work done for the benefit of others. There is no reward in performance for the sake of performance. If Madame Chao does not know you and you are asking for her to do something for you, then it would be unnatural to not have something of value to offer in return.

FLON: Does Madame Chao have plans to ever release any audio in album format, digitally or otherwise, or just keep posting pieces in blog post format?

TANG: Madame Albumn king .01% greatest uncommon taper risk denominator has made several a actor CD was in contact with albumn government and orders a flying saucer DVD video collection on pronoun cylindrical theft device made it into the flying saucer pick up temporary zone in the semi permemenant form of second release manifested in festive laser engravesend format posted a movie of king Kong and it transformed all movies when manifested as posted thoughtforms were totally difrent they didn’t have tools so ganster computer cia tried stealing inside madame movies is what the film’s are about it’s a message from outer space to destroy anything that sneaks inside to photobomb your movies the enemy’s are the snitches posers fathers cops military they are terrorists bizarro Germans are not inside out nucleonic terror posers are trying to affiliate with the movies and want nothing to do with them or madame chao abandon the accounts so when they sneak in their only posers and on line noise kombatants want but and having change the name to madame cocaine and repair out the same movies with nothing illegal revok focus purely the head shot of Mr teeny was a paper Machay confetti hand grenade and his friends are the snitches from boy meets world and wonder years the savage twins from Austin powers movie Number 2 plays a fully Molly Molly their snitch punk soya compilation hate spys sorry about all the monsters that showed up in those movies won’t let them disappear from the man made inside out planetron. if anyone can film them for really real they really ought to send all such filmic fleshpod comes from the sky it flies to Francis E. Deck, Esq. in Hempstead, NY. They get deleted even in his yard. leaf comment to warn recipients of prior releases in album format of enemy’s trying to penetrate accounts and accounts deleted. 200 songs were moving to billboard hot 100…get home safe listeners and the King, R.S. the King made a song called fuckufuckufuclu then it needed up in one the movies after it made these movies appear to be old but their a technology trying to steal beat collections to make beats then they show up in the movie back dated and changing around corners stealing the thrust of chao and putting it on FakeTRU tv just to cop a feel from stuck inside frankenstein insanity prison. good got redo the movies all encoded to video in audio codec encoded in code and hide the location in plain post sight believe it and see it. the film’s so enemy’s do them from internet and leave everything is illegal inside but it is by designby putting everyone in harms way of arbitrary enforcement a sertainway wear they go forever and never stop playingvideos and adding cool ads musik of permitted permutation depriving all fruits to the workers and funneling the entire vine up the wonkette of Justin Berber instead so the man made gangster pseudo rocker squats lambo and the horses of courses eat dirty shithead got it alls onwards backwards it is always never ended year zero.

FLON: Okay, so what do you hope the legacy of Madame Chao and the Chlog is, and do you have advice for anyone who wants to make noise for others to listen to?

N#2: Greetings,

Please accept our apologies on behalf of Madame Chao, all partners and wholly owned subsidiaries for the recent communication from Mr. Tang.

I am the new Number Two and have taken the responsibilities of Mr. Tang while he is recovering from his apparent traumatic breakdown.

As far as Madame Chao is concerned, there is no consideration of legacy. It ought to be quite plain to see for any objective observer that Madame Chao has always done quite the opposite of what would be considered rational for an artist or entity that sought self promotion. That is, in service of the self or one’s assumed identity. Legacy is a self centered concept that has no relevance when the self is removed. The section, “About the Chlog” found on the website answers the question of what the purpose of the Chlog is more specifically.

For anyone who wants to make noise for others to listen to, I have been instructed to tell you, don’t. Do not make noise for others to listen to. Make noise for you to listen to. Listen to your own noise as often as possible. Improve it so that becomes noise you want to listen to more. Any reasons or intentions you may have beyond this are your own and are not for anyone else to dictate to you. Whatever it is that you wish to achieve from the creation of noise or in the noise itself, be sure to clearly define that for yourself. What is it? Be specific. Has that happened? If not, keep doing it before expecting someone else to want to listen. Once it has, congratulations. If you had any desire beyond what you would already have at that point, you probably should have gotten way more into dubstep.

FLON: Thank you very much everyone. It’s been a very interesting conversation!

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