Meng Qi Interview

FLON: How long have you been making music and what led you to work with synthesizers? MENG QI: I’ve been making music for about 17 years, in fact, I stopped in the middle for quite a long time, then started working with synthesizer. The choice of using synthesizers, from the very beginning, was due to […]

採訪 Meng Qi

FLON: 您做音乐有多长时间了?是什么让您使用合成器的? MENG QI: 我做音乐大概17年了,其实中间算是停掉了挺久,再做合成器。一开始选择使用合成器是由于使用合成器可以一个人完成音乐的所有部分,后来被合成器在演奏界面和音色上的丰富可能性一直吸引着。 FLON: 您如何描述您的音乐?是什么激励您创作音乐? MENG QI: 大概是两种,一种是自然而然的有感而发,另一种是针对某些具体想法的实验(例如使用特定的声音合成技术、演奏界面等)。关于激励,我想是快乐,主观上表达的快乐,和获得实验结果的知识上的快乐。 FLON: 您喜欢现场表演吗?您多久表演一次? MENG QI: 我喜欢现场表演。目前还没有相对固定的演出时间。不过可以预见的是我会更多的投身到演出之中。 FLON: 您是如何学习制作合成音乐的?您做的第一个合成音乐是什么? MENG QI:我一开始是尝试制作网上的一些开源电路设计,接下来学了一点模拟电路和 Arduino。我第一个做的电路是一台 APC,而且当时通过读芯片的说明书自己加了个调频输入,还成功了,增长了很多的信心。当时是我媳妇帮我焊的,其乐融融。这个十年前的视频就是这台小机器: FLON: 那么,我们期待听到您即将来临的表演和您的新设备。 您可以在以下地址了解更多关于孟奇的合成器和音乐: YouTube

Frank Meadows Interview

​FLON: Let’s talk first about Currence, an album with an accompanying book. What led you to this concept, and how do the two mediums inform eachother?  Frank: That release was one of a string of book-digital download releases coordinated by my partners and close pals at Cairn Desk. Most of my life as a music consumer I’ve […]

Spookstina interview 

FLON: So let’s let folks who haven’t seen you live get a sense of what you do. Can you describe your set-up, instrumentation and performance Spookstina: My performance centralizes around creating and decaying sounds and textures. It’s an improvised performance, and with the exception of a cassette tape here and there (generally of nature sounds […]


I’m starting this blog to celebrate and document noisy music in all it’s forms. Electronic, electroacoustic, avant garde, improvised, composed, found– however it happens. I’ll concentrate a lot on live performances and diy recordings. I hope to publish interviews with some of the awesome noise artists I’ve met over the years. If there’s a project […]